*Durango Vineyard is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible

Did you know the Bible talks a whole lot about money?

God knows what a tricky subject this can be in our heart, whether we have a lot, or a little. It's hard to surrender all of our lives to God ~ especially in the area of finances.

Tithing is a practice in the Bible where people bring the first 10% of what they earn and give it to the church. We would like to invite you to tithe because we think it brings freedom and faith to our lives! Tithing is an amazing opportunity to see the Lord provide, to honor God, to surrender, to combat greed, and an incredible way to use your resources to see God’s kingdom come through His church ~ here in Durango and all over the world!

There are a few ways to give to the Durango Vineyard:

  • Click here to set up one-time or recurring automatic online giving

  • You can place your cash and/or check donations in the offering box during our Wednesday gathering

  • Most banks offer Bill Pay as a (often FREE) service to send money out of your bank account to whoever you wish. No need to withdraw cash, write a check or buy stamps. 
    To do Bill Pay:
    1. Add Durango Vineyard as a new payee to Bill Pay on your online banking website.  
    Our info is *Durango Vineyard Church *PO Box 2045 *Durango, CO 81302* 970-314-3089* 
    *You do not have an account number so you can leave that field blank*
    2. Schedule a payment or set up automatic payments for recurring withdrawals.  Your bank will print a check using your funds and mail it to the church!


* Durango Vineyard Church is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, so all donations made to "Durango Vineyard Church" are tax deductible.

2018 Annual Financial Report

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Thank you to all who gave towards the mission of helping people experience life with Jesus in Durango! 

2017 Annual Financial Report 

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